Is your company wasting time and money on ineffective written communications?

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Especially in today’s hyper-connected, ultra-competitive economy where marketing messages bombard us every day.

It’s even tougher to get people to respond, or to achieve your objectives. So what chance do you have if your company issues badly written communications?


It doesn’t matter whether you’re targeting businesses or consumers, the effect of publishing poor copywriting is the same. You’re wasting your resources and missing an opportunity to inform and impress.

Everything from a basic spelling mistake to using the wrong tone of voice can make your communication efforts worthless – all within a few moments of the reader noticing the words.

This lack of quality is losing you sales. This ineffectiveness is costing you.

In contrast, great copywriting – based on proven techniques and honed through years of experience – will deliver the awareness, attitudinal changes, and actions you want.

High quality copy can get the right people to notice and engage with you. Even more importantly, well-crafted marketing materials can help to generate brand loyalty and additional revenues.

But is that standard of writing excellence, that level of knowledge and expertise, currently available to you? Or do your writers complain about the following issues instead – and consistently fail to meet your goals?

The everyday problems that many writers face

We can’t create copy that grabs people’s attention

Everything that’s written is in a race to win share- of-mind. Your copy isn’t just competing with the materials that your industry rivals produce – it’s up against every piece of communication that’s tempting your audience.

The result is that people don’t even notice the majority of websites, videos, brochures, ads, posters, white papers, and so on – let alone read them and act.

We don’t know how to keep people reading

Even if the people you’re targeting pay attention, your writing then has to maintain their interest.

But your readers are busy and overwhelmed by information – just like you and me. They’ll not keep reading if your content isn’t relevant and can’t help them in some way.

We’re generating questions rather than revenue

If you want your written materials to boost sales rather than raise awareness, receiving enquiries not orders reveals some deep-rooted problems in the writing.

Your copy is probably failing to address your reader’s concerns; putting it right is going to be hard work.

We’re not getting enough sales

Even if you’ve conquered all of these problems, you may still be waiting for the orders to flow in.

You need to find out what’s happening and why: it may be your process, or it may be the quality of the writing.

What you want your writers to do instead

Raise awareness and reinforce your brand

In an ideal world, your company’s communications would cut through the clutter, pull the right people in, and get them reading – all while building upon your existing reputation and values.

For this to happen, your writers must be brand champions who can also create impactful headers and body copy across multiple platforms.

Focus on benefits

The best way to maintain interest is to explain what benefit your product or service delivers.

Your writers must do more than understand a reader’s needs and aspirations – they must describe how you can solve that person’s issues and help them reach their goals.

Counter objections

To address reader anxieties, writers have to think from the point of view of the audience and anticipate the doubts that may occupy their minds.

Your writers must use these insights to create persuasive counter-arguments to every concern.

Generate more revenue

Every communication should encourage a reaction that helps achieve a business goal.

So your writers need to possess both a commercial and creative mindset: a rare combination.

Get what you want – with RichWords Right Now

By systematically tackling the everyday problems that other writers face, the ‘RichWords Right Now’ service quickly delivers the effective writing you need to achieve your business objectives.

RichWords Right Now follows a proven process (called DRIVE) that ensures you get high quality, results-oriented written materials that:

Encourage readers to pay attention – and then pay you money

While some companies court controversy to get noticed, a better strategy is to understand your prospects and customers well enough to win them over.

“We’re all very pleased… You’ve really got under the skin of our clients – and they’re all as happy as we are.”

Stijn Vandenburgh, Account Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communications

This programme delivers reader-centric writing that attracts the right people and steps them through every logical phase of your communication. Ultimately, this encourages readers to act in the way you want them to – and that includes paying.

Build upon your brand values – gain traction in your market

Successful companies usually have an established brand story* that they consistently tell and re-tell over time.

RichWords Right Now helps to instill that consistency by ensuring your brand permeates every piece of writing that has your company name on it.

“Thanks for all the work you’ve done on our pan-European campaigns. You really understand the Sony brand, and what we want to communicate.”

Akbar Huck, Marketing Communications Manager, Sony VAIO Europe

Providing an instant boost from the first day of writing, the RichWords Right Now programme delivers messages that maintain the right tone of voice across all platforms and at every customer touch-point. Your written materials will reflect and reinforce your organisation’s values and personality traits – reaching out to your audience and helping you gain a foothold in the market.

* If you need to strengthen your existing brand(s), want to re-brand, or you’re just starting out on your brand journey, take a look at our “Building a brand” service.

Emphasise the benefits – heighten the relevance to your readers

The copy delivered to you through the RichWords Right Now programme will highlight the ultimate benefit of your product or service.

This is important because the alternatives leave a void, filled only by the reader saying ‘So what?’ Left unanswered, this question (and its counterpart, ‘What’s in it for me?’) undermine the chances of your communication achieving its goals.

“We’re all very pleased… You’ve really got under the skin of our clients – and they’re all as happy as we are.”

“Thanks for the great copy on the WTG brochures. You emphasise the business benefits without losing sight of the technology.”

Jilli Armitage, Director, BlueJay Marketing

Drilling down to that ultimate outcome – and answering those questions – is hard. Yet the RichWords Right Now programme takes the burden away from you. Our messages convey only the most relevant facts and features relating to your offer, turning each of them into a compelling and ultra- relevant benefit statement.

Overcome your reader’s concerns – generate trust and preference

To back up the emphasis on benefits, this programme presents the arguments for and against a purchase.

We base this approach upon insights into the mind-set of a typical prospect, gained through our discussion with you. While building a logical case in favour of action, we use evocative language that engages the reader’s emotions.

“Writing the Salix website was a tricky job. RichWords came up with some excellent ways of making the copy more digestible and understandable.”

Jo Kelly, Commercial Director, Sunfish Limited

Finally, we heighten the appeal to emotion and rationality with reference to elements such as guarantees, testimonials, and independent research.

Boost sales – be more persuasive than your competitors

Effective copywriting is the art of selling off the page – be it printed, or online. Copy that drives sales will be clear and easy to understand, avoid waffle and repetition, and focus on the benefits of your offer.

This programme delivers on all of those fronts, generating compelling copy that combines creativity with commercial awareness – plus a deep understanding of your target market.

“You never forget that our primary aim is to increase sales. And your copy always manages to help us do that.”

Guy Marong, Marketing Manager, Sony e-Solutions Europe

Whatever your goal, the content you receive from RichWords will propel your audience in the right direction – and move you closer to reaching your goals.

Is ‘RichWords Right Now’ right for you?

This programme is for organisations needing more than ‘just another writer’; it’s for companies that want their writing to generate results.

RichWords Right Now delivers effective writing that makes a positive difference to how your audience feels, and to how it behaves – helping you to achieve your goals. And because we produce the copy quickly and to a consistently high standard, you’ll start seeing those results rapidly too.

For this programme to work, your company probably has an in-house marketing team and an external communications agency of some kind (with a focus on advertising, web/digital, PR, or a combination). You’ll have a marcoms plan and the budget to match, plus the authority to change that schedule and invest the money differently – including the power to hire-in talent for your writing projects.

RichWords Right Now can also help agencies with clients like this, just as we have in our work with Dentsu, O&M, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communications, and others.

“Thanks for all your great work on such a variety of accounts – it’s really helped us.”

Geoff Phillips, Senior Creative, Dentsu (formerly BLD Europe)

Your location and area of business shouldn’t be a barrier to working with RichWords. While we usually work remotely, with regular phone calls, online chats and email exchanges, we can easily supplement these with face-to-face meetings when needed. We currently have clients across the UK and Europe, and in the past we’ve worked with companies in North America and Asia too.

What’s more, RichWords Right Now has helped companies from sectors as diverse as construction, consumer electronics, energy, information technology, manufacturing, professional services, retail, telecommunications, and transportation. In fact, this programme is right for all kinds of enterprise – largely because the principles of effective writing remain consistent across multiple industries.

“Thanks once again for doing such great work.”

Harvi Bains, Pro DJ European Marketing Manager, Pioneer

The RichWords Right Now programme also works best when there’s common ground between us. We should share some personal qualities (e.g. the dedication to strive for perfection while remaining pragmatic and commercially aware), and beliefs about how to work: with integrity and empathy.

What to do next

If you think the RichWords Right Now programme sounds ideal for your organisation, the next step is for us to discuss your needs in more detail. We can offer you a complimentary ‘RichWords Right Now’ strategy session – completed over the phone or in person – that’s likely to take about 30 minutes.

During the session, we’ll talk about the challenges you’re facing, the goals you have, and whether this programme can help or not. Essentially, this is the Discussion phase of our DRIVE copywriting process – see How we work – although you’re under no obligation to continue with the other steps after having this initial conversation.

“Richwords provides a brilliant copywriting service. I’d strongly recommend it for any new projects where you need loads of ideas.”

Susan Hart, Director, Career Junction and Hart Solutions

To keep our strategy session as short and effective as possible, we’ll need a better sense of your company in advance. To give us this info, please complete and return our short questionnaire (it should take 10-15 minutes to complete) and we’ll get back to you.

In the meantime, you can check out our training courses and other offerings via the Services Overview.