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RichWords Right Now: Effective freelance copywriting

Copywriting expertise = objectives achieved. The RichWords Right Now copywriting service gives you the results you want, at just the right time. When you’re faced with tight deadlines, over-worked staff, or under-performing writers, you can call on us to step into the breach – knowing we’ll always deliver.

Our copywriting can help you achieve your commercial targets, while taking the pressure off you and your in-house team.

Your rewards will be high quality content that moves your company forward, and staff members who have time to focus on other tasks. Read more about RichWords Right Now.

Building a Brand: From discovery to advocacy

Companies need a distinctive personality – an image that people buy into. Enterprises must be able to both identify their distinctive brand image and then consistently apply it online and offline.

But how do you decide which attributes are within your corporate DNA? Do you have a set of values that everyone adheres to? What will work within your sector and geographical markets? Can your company’s employees live and breathe your brand? And can they do it so convincingly and consistently that customers and prospects enjoy their interactions with your organisation, and have the same experience every time (and everywhere) they do so?

Working in association with an external brand specialist, RichWords aims to provide all the answers and guide you through the process of brand discovery to the cultural change aspects of brand development, acceptance, and advocacy.

The Road to Effective Writing: Training courses

It takes time to learn how to write well for business – and even when the road ahead looks clear, it can get bumpy and throw you off course. That’s why RichWords offers a range of training sessions, aimed at anyone who has to write in a commercial environment.

If “copywriter” isn’t in your job title, no problem. And it doesn’t really matter what level of knowledge and experience you have, either. That’s because our copywriting training journey takes you from the fundamentals you need when just starting out through to the option of receiving highly personalised, one-to-one coaching for six months.

Simply pick the one that’s most suited to your experience and immediate needs:

Copywriting Fundamentals

If you’re about to start your copywriting journey, or have been on the road for less than two years, here’s the course for you.

This one-day session from RichWords teaches you the seven fundamental principles of effective copywriting. Armed with this knowledge, your words will begin to work harder and achieve results.

Read more about Copywriting Fundamentals.

Copywriting Online

As a professional wordsmith in the digital age, you need to know more than the copywriting fundamentals – even though those principles still apply online.

The art of online copywriting requires a working knowledge of digital and social media, and a specific set of skills – some unrelated to writing at all – that RichWords will share with you.

This one-day training course in Copywriting Online introduces you to the craft, giving you practical experience in creating effective digital copy.

Copywriting Creativity

With the copywriting fundamentals in place, this one-day course from RichWords will take your business writing to the next level – writing more creatively while still addressing commercial reality.

You’ll learn how to tackle writer’s block, attack your copywriting from new angles, and generate powerful communications that make an impact and generate a storm of activity.

Copywriting Mastery

As a seasoned copywriter, you’re now looking for something extra to set you apart from your peers and competitors. Six months of personal, one-to-one coaching from RichWords could be the answer.

Every month, you’ll get advice and feedback on whichever live copywriting project you decide to submit. Our detailed comments will make your content more effective and add to your own armoury of tips and tricks – helping you to become a copy king.

Find out how these services could help you – read some of the RichWords case studies.