… marketing communication professionals who


Work in these industries: Construction and property; Consumer electronics; Engineering; IT; Professional and Business Services (PBS) including accountancy, advertising/branding/communication/design, business consultancy, legal, office administration and support.

You can see examples of our work in these – and other – sectors in our Case Studies.

Manage an in-house team. Your responsibilities include planning marcoms campaigns, directing the in-house team, and allocating (and/or authorising) the budget.

Know how to oversee a project. You’ve worked with freelance copywriters before, so you know how to brief properly at the start, manage the feedback process, and then sign off the work at the end.

… marcoms specialists who need to

Raise brand awareness. You’re launching something new, or re-packaging something old – either way, your company’s brand needs to shine through and win share-of-mind

Reach performance targets. You’re under pressure to get some “quick wins”, to reduce customer churn, to improve quality – the goals take many forms and you need to score every time.

Re-deploy the marcoms team. You have competing deadlines and know your team can do some of the tasks, but not all of them – either they’re too busy, or too inexperienced, to take them on.

Reinforce in-house expertise. You want to raise the quality of your team’s written output by arranging for them to receive copywriting training tailored to your business.

… communication and branding agencies wanting to

Use a sector specialist. You’re pitching to a potential client whose industry – such as construction and property, consumer electronics, IT, or professional services – is a mystery to you. Alternatively, your existing clients in these niches are demanding more deliverables and quicker turnarounds.

Hire extra talent. Your copywriters are ill, on holiday, or simply too busy to work on certain projects. That means you want to find a creative and commercially minded writer who can hit the ground running – now.

Add value through training. You’ve worked hard to build your client’s brand and executed some great campaigns. Now’s the time to offer dedicated writing training to the client’s staff to help cement your relationship.

… overseas clients who need copy by a native-English copywriter

Improve translated copy. You want to reach a multi-national audience, so decide to deliver your messages in a widely accepted language: English.

The problem is that the original copy (in whatever language) is poorly translated into English and fails to capture the original’s feeling or meaning. Can someone work with what you have yet improve it beyond recognition?

Originate English copy. Tired of poor translations, you appoint a native-English copywriter to develop your copy from scratch. No doubt this copywriter balances creativity with commercial awareness, but will s/he also have experience in writing for pan-European and global audiences?

If not, you may end up will idiomatic (and for your purposes, idiotic) English copy that can’t be translated. Instead, you need someone who can deliver intrigue and resonance while understanding what works across borders. A copywriter who knows that the German translation (for example) of the English will take up to a third more space on the printed page, and so writes accordingly.

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