We deliver results

iPad-old-typewriter-2What will success look like for you? Before RichWords starts a copywriting project, we like to know how you’ll be judging the words we produce. Will it be more hits on a website? Increased revenues?

The more tangible your criteria, the happier we are – and the more contented you’ll be with the results. Even if your measure is “better writing”, we’ll use independent and unbiased analysis to prove that our content is more readable than your existing texts.

“I have worked with RichWords many times in the past – they always deliver the right results, on time and on budget.”

Marketing communications manager, PC manufacturer (extract from 360° performance review)

We relieve the pressure

What makes a copywriter ideal? When your team’s over-worked or under-skilled, RichWords brings expertise and the extra pair(s) of hands you need to meet your deadlines and plug the gaps.

We always perform to the highest standards, delivering effective copy on time and to budget. And we’ll fit in seamlessly with your in-house team, supplementing its efforts on-site or from a distance.

“Richard [Director at RichWords] is very conscientious in his work, and always strives to achieve the best outcome for his clients.”

Business consultant and coach (extract from 360° performance review)

We pass on our knowledge

What’s the secret of copywriting training? Being able to produce great copy is one thing; having the ability to transfer that knowledge to your in-house team is another.

RichWords can help your writers informally, sharing tips and tricks as we work together on a project, or provide tailored copywriting training that matches their needs and addresses your business goals.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this training session – it was informative, fun and made total sense. I will certainly be cascading this down to as many people as possible. Fantastic!“

One of 84 delegates from Crown Worldwide who attended a series of web-based training sessions

We follow a process

What’s the guarantee of success? Even with more than 20 years’ copywriting experience behind us, we still follow a process of researching, writing, and reviewing the content we produce.

Effective copy doesn’t just appear overnight; imaginative insights and well-argued proof points take time to craft. Our methodology ensures that we help you achieve your commercial ambitions.

“The RichWords approach is efficient, effective and well managed. The copywriting is excellent and presented to readers in a concise and digestible format.”

Publishing manager, professional business institute (extract from 360° performance review)

The RichWords Writing Process: DRIVE

When a RichWords copywriter works on your brief, s/he follows a five-stage process of Discussion, Review, Improvement, Validation, and Education (DRIVE). By working through each step in turn, we deliver effective communications that achieve your objectives.


The process starts with a discussion about your company, markets, and business goals, and your readers’ concerns and aspirations. We’ll also talk about your branding and any existing and planned campaigns. Here are some of the questions we’re likely to discuss:

Your business – What does your company do? What’s your product or service? How does it help people? What are the USPs? What are your brand values and brand personality attributes?

Your industry – Is your industry in decline, or growing? Who are your key rivals?

Your marketing – How do you segment your market? Who’s a typical buyer and/or influencer? How do you address the market? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach? Do you have brand guidelines?

Your goals – What do you want your next campaign to achieve? What are the goals for the next 3-5 years?

Armed with your answers, RichWords will be ready to create pertinent, on-brand messages that evoke the right emotional and rational responses, and provoke your target audience into action.


We find that a meaningful critique of your existing materials can only take place after the Discussion. In this second phase, RichWords will do a PAGES analysis of your company’s writing that looks at:

Power – Does your corporate copy have impact? Is it persuasive and reader-centric enough to resonate with your target audience? Are you connecting emotionally and rationally with your readers? Are your stories compelling?

Architecture – Does your writing follow a logical structure that leads the reader naturally from one part to the next? Is it presented clearly and in a visually appealing way? Have you used the best possible structure given the content and context of the communication?

Grammar – This is the basic “hygiene” check that ensures your grammar, spelling and punctuation are all correct. Get any one of these wrong and your reader(s) may not bother going any further; get it right and you’re in with a chance of getting your message across.

Eloquence – Does the language flow, or do your word-choices jar? Is your copy clear and to the point, using plain English? Or is it stuffed with waffle, jargon, hackneyed phrases, and words that get people thumbing a dictionary (or giving your copy the thumbs-down)?

Style – This is a more technical version of the “eloquence” test, assessing register and tone of voice. Simply put, we see if your copy reinforces (or detracts from) your brand values – and whether it complies with your guidelines, if you have them, in other ways too – and assess the clarity and consistency of your tone.


Based upon the Discussion and Review, we can then begin to deliver clear and memorable messages that improve upon your current materials. RichWords can either start from scratch on your new writing projects, or re-work your existing texts, addressing – in both cases – the weaknesses that we’ve identified via those two earlier stages.

Throughout the DRIVE process, we keep the following principles in mind:

Clarity is paramount – If your meaning is clear, readers are more likely to understand what you’re offering (or its associated benefits) and to take the action you want; being unclear makes achieving your objectives much harder

Brevity is paradise – Your audience’s time is at a premium, so we like to focus on finding the right vocabulary and achieving maximum impact with the fewest possible words (while acknowledging that long copy sells)

Da Vinci is the paragon – Leonardo said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and our copy is both easy to understand and elegant


RichWords will “score” all of the text we produce by using the independent and objective readability statistics within Microsoft Word. What’s more, if we build in extra lead-time before publication, it’s possible to examine the effectiveness of certain copy elements (e.g. headlines, calls to action) through A/B testing.

We always create several versions of the text in-house, before you even see a first draft. This allows us time to fine-tune the content and ensure that the copy is accurate and addresses the brief. It also means that:

Your work is minimised – You’ll only have to do a small amount of checking, with just one or two sets of amends likely

Your copy’s published quickly – We work fast and to a consistently high standard, so you’ll never wait very long between briefing us and receiving written content that’s ready to go

You can budget with confidence – We have enough experience to accurately assess the length and cost of a project, and the skills and commitment needed to always meet the deadlines we’ve agreed


Although the RichWords Right Now copywriting service means we can deliver the copy you need  quickly and cost-effectively, the working relationship doesn’t have to end there. Rather than leaving you to fend for yourself until the next time you call us in, the Education stage of our process can help you create better communications in-house while we’re not even there.

By “education”, we mean training. We’re happy to share our knowledge with your writers, and you can choose from our range of training workshops that cater for different levels of experience and expertise. Our training courses include “Copywriting Fundamentals” and “Copywriting Online” and run through to more advanced topics like “Copywriting Creativity” and “Copywriting Mastery”.

RichWords also offers a “Building a Brand” copywriting training programme that can be part of a more substantial branding and cultural change project that we’ll take on with our communication partners.

In all cases, our training sessions are FIT for purpose:

Flexible – You can choose the length and location of training session that’s best for you. RichWords offers half-day, one-day, and two-day writing workshops and we can deliver them, in person, at your premises – or at a suitable external venue if you prefer.

Upon request, we can also re-configure the copywriting sessions into a webinar format. While less comprehensive, these sessions still pass on the most important learning points – and help you reach out to more of your people in a cost-effective manner.

Interactive – We understand that people learn differently and that attention spans can be short, so we make our training sessions interactive rather than just “chalk-and-talk”.

There’ll be questions to answer throughout each session, and attendees will complete practical exercises to reinforce the learning points. These drills help to ensure that the training leads to behavioural change in the workplace, so that everyone completing the course continues to write more effectively after it ends.

Tailored – To maximise the delegates’ learning, RichWords can base the sessions on real examples that your company provides to us during a pre-training preparation stage.

We’ll use samples from the attendees’ writing to illustrate various points, and share new versions that we’ve created, to show how the originals could be improved. Similarly, some of the exercises will invite delegates to critique and improve upon existing materials. We tend to finish each session with a brief instructing the attendees to create something they’d often be asked to write at work.

That’s how RichWords works. Now read some of the details about our services.