Selling Sony computers, on computers


Sony is a consumer electronics company with well-known brands in games, movies, music, and information technology. The company’s computer division produces and markets a range of PCs under the VAIO name.

Communication challenge

Sony Information Technology Europe wanted to sell its VAIO PC products and accessories online, as well as through established retail channels. The company had to build an online store from scratch, and create content that would inform and entertain visitors while pushing them towards a purchase decision.

sony-storeCopywriting solution

With almost impossible deadlines to meet, RichWords worked intensively over a four-week period to write sufficient content for the launch of the new site. In addition to a series of lifestyle pieces designed to engage people, we wrote all of the short, sales-oriented product copy that ultimately ensured the success of the site.


“You never forget that our primary aim is to increase sales, and your copy always manages to help us do that.”

Guy Marong, Marketing Manager, Sony e-Solutions Europe