ABC OK – 5 writing techniques to boost your business

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When’s the next “ABC OK” business writing workshop?

RichWords plans to run the next “ABC OK” workshop early in 2016 (date and location to be confirmed).

The most recent session happened on Wednesday, 18th November 2015 (9am – 12.30pm) and here’s what some of the delegates thought about it:

Really insightful and helpful training. – Megan Johnson, Trainee Fundraiser at St Elizabeth Hospice

Very interesting and educational. Thank you. – Mark Newman, Physiotherapist/Partner at Gilmour Piper

“Great workshop. Thanks.” – Simon Tinkler, Branch Manager at Ernest Doe Power in Framlingham

“I feel energised to improve my writing.” – Jacqueline Ward, Framlingham Business Association Administrator


What happens in an “ABC OK” workshop?

In this half-day business writing workshop, experienced copywriter and trainer Richard Harrison from RichWords introduces you to five techniques that will transform your organisation’s marketing and communications.

Whatever your role, type of business or industry sector, these business writing tips will help you to:

• Produce dynamic emails, web copy, letters, brochures, and more
• Write from the reader’s perspective, not yours
• Create content that’s clear, to the point, and easy to understand
• Avoid the corporate-speak that litters most commercial copywriting
• Filter your knowledge and provide the information that’s needed

What will you learn at an “ABC OK” business writing workshop?

During the interactive workshop, you’ll apply the five techniques to various examples of business writing and discuss the improvements made. In the process, you’ll discover how to write in a livelier and more engaging style – without losing any of your professional sheen – and hear about a time-saving three-stage editing method.

Taking you on the first steps along The Road to Effective Writing (a range of RichWords business writing courses), this workshop gives you the opportunity to:

• Learn about the ABC OK techniques and put them into practice
• Start writing in a way that resonates with customers, prospects, and staff
• Produce written materials that encourage people to take action
• Begin using the written word to help you achieve your business goals

What’s the cost?

The cost is £75 per delegate. To ensure you get the most out of the morning, we restrict each session to a maximum of 12 people – so please book early.

To reserve your place at the next “ABC OK” workshop, simply email: