How can you make your written communications more effective?

Asking questions

You’re a busy marketing communications professional. Time’s short, budgets are tight, and the competition is fierce.

Your to-do list – as long as an Apple Store queue on launch day – includes raising brand awareness, supporting the sales department, and keeping an eye on your team’s output. You can supplement these big-picture tasks with dozens of related questions, such as:

Will your communications attract and retain the right audience(s) and move people to action?

Your messages need to make an impact and encourage prospects to act. The trouble is, getting people to do what you want takes time and skill – does your team have enough expertise and space in the schedule?

Are your team capable of being brand champions who reinforce the company’s values in their writing?

An organisation lives – or dies – by its branding and communications, so it’s vital that your corporate DNA shines through everything your team produces. If that’s not the case, there’s even more work to do.

How can your team generate more revenue?

Turning your department into a money-earner rather than a drain on resources will make life easier. Can it happen without first improving the quality of your team’s written communications?

Getting answers

While those questions – and many more – are probably familiar to you, the answers may still be elusive. To get closer to them, it could be time to seek independent advice and expertise from an experienced source…

RichWords has provided freelance copywriting services and training courses, plus brand building strategy and execution, for more than 20 years. We help marketing professionals from multiple industries to improve their written communications and achieve their business objectives.

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